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Theo bebe


Sophie la girafe® baby furniture by Theo bébé, eco-friendly and evolutive

A space of imaginery and wonderful where baby can flourish in full security !

Théo Bébé and Sophie la girafe® joined to create the most wonderful room for your child.

It is available in two different sizes

The small Théo bébé & Sophie la girafe®

- the bed Sophie la girafe® in 120x60

- the  small chest of drawers Sophie la girafe®

- the changing table Sophie la girafe®

In gift :

- The bed drawer Sophie la girafe®

The full room Théo bébé & Sophie la girafe®

- The bed Sophie la girafe® in 120x60

- The little chest of drawers Sophie la girafe®

- The cabinSophie la girafe® 

In gift :

- The bed drawer 

- The changing table