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Sophie la girafe® Vice Versa

Reference: 230832

A 360° double-sided activity board for even more playability!

This progressive toy offers several play positions: on your belly, sitting, on all fours, etc.

Truly innovative! Once flipped over, thanks to its soft ball and handles, the board becomes a space to develop motor skills and offers multiple ways to play!

Several activities to stimulate your baby’s senses and develop their motor skills:

-A detachable ball with little bells inside; this toy is an all-time early-learning classic that babies love to shake, bounce, or throw!
-Gears to turn to hear the sound of a rattle. So clever! On the back of the board, the gears are replaced by Sophie and her friends. In fact, you can make Sophie’s head spin!
-3 bead mazes, including 1 which crosses the toy to develop your baby’s fine motor skills.
-A surprise mirror hidden behind a pop-up door that opens when the button is pressed.
-4 images to discover by operating the lever. Your baby discovers pets and their favourite food!
-A puzzle suitable for toddlers. 3 images to reconstruct and to learn the various professions. Using the fun Mix'n'Match function, your baby creates new images, develops their imagination, and wins every time!
-A transparent ball containing beads that may be spun
-3 cymbals for little ones’ first music concerts!

The Vice Versa’s unique design provides babies with hours of entertainment! Easy to transport using its handles to accompany your baby wherever they go.