Sophie à table avec Céline DE SOUSA

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A practically perfect meal with Sophie la girafe

It's time for a new stage in your little one's life, the time to introduce solid food...

And because learning to eat 'like a grown-up' doesn't happen overnight, Sophie la girafe is supporting your child in this 'colourful' adventure, with tableware that is 100% practical and fun.

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To give us a helping hand and to concoct some tasty dishes for baby, we asked for expert advice from Céline de Sousa: a talented culinary chef, an expert in infant nutrition but above all a smart mum :)

Not everyone is necessarily good at cooking, but with Céline, it’s a promise: cooking is child's play!

Sophie’s dining collections

A smooth start

Il était une fois dining collection

A complete silicone dining set composed of 4 elements in stylish colours: sage green and delicate beige

I can't resist

A gentle beginning

Fresh touch dining collection

An azure blue and punchy green dining set for baby to learn to eat
by himself

I can't resist

To whet baby's appetite, we have designed 2 dining collections in 100% silicone, soft to the touch, naturally anti-slip and unbreakable.

Easy to look after, each element can go in the dishwasher and microwave. This new Sophie la girafe tableware is ideal for taking on those first purees and compotes !

Come and eat with Sophie!

To make meals easier, Céline is offering you 3 tasty
recipes for hassle-free meals.

Carrot puree with

Download the recipe

Creamy couscous
with broccoli and beef

Download the recipe

Pancake with vegetables
and cheese

Download the recipe

Our favourite collab:
Sophie la girafe x Céline de Sousa

Céline de SousaChef / Author / Mum

A chef who is passionate about food for babies

Céline de Sousa is a chef but also the author of bestselling books on the subject.

Her philosophy: supporting families to feed their baby well.

More than a credo, it's a veritable vocation as Céline was one of the first chefs to adapt adult recipes for babies.

Nourrir son enfant L'alimentation au cœur de la relation parent-enfant Je batchcook pour bébé et toute ma famille

Céline’s bio

After starting out with Anne-Sophie Pic, she worked at the George V and then alongside Cyril Lignac. Céline did not stop there, because after specialising in infant nutrition, she appeared on the programme ‘La Maison des Maternelles’ to share with families the basics of introducing solid food. Full of energy and creativity, Céline has written and co-written 4 books, and is preparing other surprise projects.

Sophie la girafe's « no stress »

  • 1

    « Be patient,
    you'll learn... »

    Eating on his own is a real marathon for baby... And at the beginning, it is impossible for him to manage the whole meal by himself. So there's no need to rush... and don't worry: it's usually only at the age of 3 that a child starts to really master his cutlery!

  • 2

    Let them touch their

    Instinctively, toddlers will touch food, crush it between their fingers, spread it on the table, on themselves... In short, this is a moment of experimentation to be encouraged even if they get it everywhere... A child needs to touch a new food before tasting it.

  • 3

    Meals should be
    a moment of pleasure...

    ...and not a stressful time full of screaming and crying. Children will have their ups and downs in their relationship with food. ‘Progress’ that has been made may be undone a few months later... so stay calm!

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