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Our bioplastic toys

April 2020


Because we want the best for baby and our planet ...



Our So'pure collection is expanding with a new line of eco-friendly toys designed using a 100% natural renewable raw materials made from plant, the bioplastic.


Made from corn or cassava starch, these products represent an ecological alternative and meet a new need for environmentally conscious consumption.


They were all awarded the "OK biobased" certification provided by the independent TUV Austrian laboratory certifying the use of renewable raw materials (bio-based).




From corn and cassava to bioplastic ...


The material we use at Vulli to produce our bioplastic toys is called "PLA" (polyactic acid). It is obtained through the transformation, by a biological and therefore natural process, of the starch found in corn and cassava.


This approach represents an environmental alternative since the products are plant-based. For a better understanding, here’s the different stages that we follow:



Discover our bioplastic toys!


                                      So'pure Natur'rings rattle                                   So'pure Natur'chew rattle

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