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What can be done?

Baby doesn't want to get out of the bath?
What can be done?

2014, April

Most babies love taking a bath. It is a special moment for relaxation, tenderness and play. But as babies grow older, they often no longer want to get out of the bath. Every night the same scenario is replayed: bath time is spent very enjoyably, but Baby starts to scream once he or she is removed from the water. What can be done?

The basic idea is to understand why Baby does not want to get out of the bath.

If it is because Baby is playing and does not want to abandon toys in the water, the caregiver can allow Baby to take a bath toy along while Baby is dried and dressed on the changing table. This compromise is then acceptable to everyone and prevents any "drama" from occurring once bath time is done.

However, if it is because Baby wants to stay in the water, the caregiver must then explain why bath time is over. It may be because the water temperature is now too low, dinner is ready, the need to take care of Baby's brothers and/or sisters... While this explanation often does not suffice to convince Baby to calmly get out of the bath, it is nonetheless absolutely necessary. It is a justification for the need to put an end to the bath, and the parent must also be convinced it if Baby is to ultimately accept it. In order to have this moment be a more positive experience for Baby, start by warning Baby that bath time will soon be over by counting out loud up to three and explaining that on three, Baby will come out of the bath. If this does not work, you can add a little bit of theatre associated with getting out of the bath. For example, tell Baby that on the count of three, the airplane will take off. You can then imitate, through actions and noises, a mini airplane flight for Baby to go from the bath to the changing table. Our final tip is to discretely pull the plug and drain the bathwater. Baby will certainly no longer express much interest in staying in the bath if it is no longer filled with water…

As you find yourself challenged by your child's desire to linger in the bath, keep in mind that you may one day look back nostalgically upon this time -- in a few years it will be much more difficult to convince your child to take a bath than to get out of one!

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