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Mii Sophie la girafe

Sophie la girafe is partnering with Mii, an American company whose Mii Baby brand
has forged a new vision in the integration of breast and bottle feeding.
The Mii Sophie la girafe range offers a distinct collection of feeding bottles
and accessories that adapt to Baby's oral developmental needs.

Collection Mii Sophie la girafe
Mii Sophie la girafe

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150 ml / 5 oz ForEver
Feeding bottle

270 ml / 9 oz ForEver™
Feeding bottle

120 ml / 4 oz Glass Feeding Bottle

230 ml / 8 oz Glass Feeding Bottle

2 silicone Newborn Nipples

2 silicone 3-6 months /
Medium flow Nipples

2 silicone 6-9 months /
Fast flow Nipples

2 silicone 9 months and + /
Thick liquid Nipples

2 Silicone Storage Caps

2 in 1 Bottle Brush

Birth Set